Plumbing is one of the most essential parts of any home—without it, where would you enjoy a hot shower or a cool glass of water?

There are many different elements to consider when taking on a plumbing project—and whether you’re talking taps, bathrooms, heating systems or anything else for that matter—without the right experience, the consequences of a job poorly done could prove disastrous.

So, if you’re a Sunshine Coast homeowner looking to embark on a spot of DIY plumbing, we’d recommend reading this first.

For your protection and peace of mind, here are three reasons you shouldn’t DIY your plumbing.

Costly damage

Any trade or DIY task requires a unique set of expertise and a steady set of hands. But, when it comes to home or business DIY, some mistakes are more costly than others.

If you mess up a plastering or paint job for instance, it’s far from ideal—but fixing is less costly and time-consuming than say—water damage.

Water damage can absolutely destroy a home, and fixing it can cost thousands of dollars depending on the level of damage. Plus, when you’re working with the combination of pipes and pressure, a DIY slip up could also become very dangerous. 

So, don’t get out of your depth, get in touch with a local plumbing professional instead.


Naturally, damage and danger are the main reasons you should avoid DIY plumbing, but consider this for a moment: plumbing systems require an enormous amount of connections to ensure they work properly.

Without the required knowledge and expertise, it’s likely that you’ll choose the wrong pipes, fittings, and connections. In doing so, you could increase your chances of springing a leak or wasting untold amounts of time and money. Oh, and you’ll be quited stressed out too.

Don’t do it.

Shelf life

While you may be able to take on a particular plumbing project or task, a lack of training or experience often leads to issues a little later down the line.

Inefficient installations or connections that haven’t been handled with the required care of diligence could hinder the shelf life of your home’s major plumbing systems, meaning that you’ll have to pay to repair weaknesses or fix issues more regularly. 

Ultimately, in the long run, this will cost you more time and money than if you hired a professional to take of the task in the first place.

There’s no doubt about it: hiring a professional plumbing engineer will have you stress, hassle, and all in all, make a far better investment for your home.

If you live in the Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast & Greater South East QLD area and you’re in need of a professional plumbing fix—we can help.

As trusted local experts, no job is too tough for our team of highly-skilled plumbing engineers. We always work to the utmost standards and we tailor every single project to the specific needs of our customers, down to the very last detail.

So, if you need us, please get in touch or book a job online today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Here’s what our clients say

I found DYFA to be punctual, helpful and reasonable. They did some work for our pool installation and updated some previous outdoor plumbing – I have no hesitation recommending their services.
Troy Skilton

I have used Dyfa plumbing on more than one occasion & they are always professional, efficient & show up when they say they will!! Would highly recommend.
Jordyn Stevens

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