If you can’t imagine waking up to a cold shower, then you must be relying on your hot water heater. 

Australian families have depended on water heaters for decades for everything from cooking, bathing, and cleaning. Water heaters are a staple in houses which homeowners don’t regularly think about. That is until the water heater system stops working. So how do you tell that your hot water system needs replacing? 

If you are having problems with your hot water system, DYFA Plumbing is here to help you determine what signs you should look for when you think your hot water system needs to be changed. 

It is important that you take note of these simple indicators of looming water heater problems that would tell your hot water system needs to be replaced. Here’s what you should look for. 

1. Noises

If you hear questionable noises from your hot water system, it is a warning that a serious problem needs immediate attention. Pay attention to the popping sounds and loud cracks from your heater which are frequently caused by stacked mineral deposits. These strange noises can also sound like hissing and banging which should be cautiously monitored and fixed immediately. Since most hot water systems have a healthy life span of over ten years, the residue will build up inside the system as it begins to decline over time.  

2. Leaks

Another sign you should look for is if it springs a leak. When your hot water system leaks, it can cause damage to walls, floors, carpets, and other close furniture. Not only it brings damage to its surrounding areas, but leaks can also heavily affect the hot water system. Leaking water often comes from the inlet or outlet connections—pressure from the hot water system’s valve or tank. If the leaking water system goes unrepaired, it can cause mildew or mould to grow that can lead to serious health problems. 

3. Inconsistent heating

When it comes to damaged hot water systems, one of the most common signs that show is when lukewarm water comes out instead of hot water. When hot water is running out too quickly or taking too long to restore, it is also an indication that you need to replace your water system. That goes without saying, any inconsistency in a system is a sign that it needs to be replaced immediately. 

4. Water discolouration

If the water that comes out of your hot water system has a metallic taste and smell, it could be from the rust inside your water heater. Discoloured water could lead to multiple health risks which is why your heater should be replaced as soon as possible. 

But before you jump to the conclusion that your hot water system is broken due to water discolouration, check to see if your neighbours experience this problem too. Water discolouration might be from an issue with the community water supply. If so, let your faucets run for around 15 to 20 minutes and the water should eventually go back to its clear state. 

5. Chronic repairs

In reality, chronic repairs are a pain in the neck. When your water heater starts breaking or the performance keeps degrading, repairs become more frequent. In that case, repairs lead to great inconvenience and waste of money. Though repaired hot water systems may last for a few months, the best option is to replace your system before a serious leak creates major damage to your home. 

If you experience these signs, shut down your hot water system to avoid further water damage and leaks. The best solution to fix a faulty hot water system is to contact trusted plumbers in your area. Though some people try and fix their broken hot water system, we do not recommend this method as they might cause a worse situation than what they started with. 

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