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Queensland homeowners use natural gas to operate appliances as it’s eco-friendly and cost-efficient. Similar to other systems you use at home, gas systems also require regular care and maintenance so they can continue to run without any issues. 

However, when it comes to installation, or gas fitting, only licensed and insured professionals should be trusted with your project. The work can be dangerous, and even tasks as seemingly simple as installing a new dryer should be done by the experts. In fact, it’s illegal for homeowners to tinker with their gas fittings and set up here in Sunshine Coast

DYFA Plumbing can assist you with all aspects of gas fitting from inspection and maintenance to emergency leaks. We have over 90 trained, skilled, and certified gas fitters ready to help you anytime around the clock. We guarantee our work will be on time, on budget, and 100% for leak prevention. 

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Here’s when its time to call out for a gas fitter!

If you need to connect to a gas line – new or existing – then you’re in need of a gas fitter. It’s that simple. 

Gas fitters are experts especially trained and licensed in working with all things natural gas including making connections and installing systems and appliances. For bigger projects, like running a new line to new construction, it might be obvious that you need a gas fitter. After all, they’ll be bringing access to the natural gas to the home in the first place. But not all gas fitting projects are that large scale.

On top of emergency situations, appliance maintenance and installation is a large part of what a gas fitter takes care of. That means if you’re upgrading your kitchen with a new range, swapping out your water heater for a more energy efficient one, or your dryer is on the fritz, you’re going to need to call out a gas fitter.

For full-service gas fitting and plumbing, there’s no one better in Sunshine Coast and the surrounds than DYFA Plumbing. 




Every job allocated to a DYFA Plumber is owned by that plumber until a fully effective, safe resolution is delivered to our client’s satisfaction.


At DYFA Plumbing, our goal is to understand what each project needs and then deliver the plumbing solutions as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.


Our company’s number one priority is you, the customer! No matter how big or little the job is, our professional staff will always put you and your plumbing needs first.


We possess extensive expertise in handling various maintenance and fit-out projects for commercial properties, ranging from small-scale repairs to large-scale renovations.


At DYFA Plumbing, we understand the importance of timely project completion. Our efficient team works diligently to meet project deadlines without compromising on quality.


Your tradesman will not only be experienced, qualified and fully Licensed but also police-cleared. We are renowned for our honesty in providing you with all options and the most current advice.