Sometimes it takes the right technology and a highly trained team to get the best outcome.  DYFA’s new State-of-the-Art Technology is saving DYFA clients considerable money when it comes to clearing blocked drains.

DYFA’s new Rocam Drain Camera coupled with the Jetter Drain Blaster is making short work of the most stubborn tree roots.

Tree roots are a common issue when it comes drains.  Attracted by the running water, they’re vexacious and can cause considerable property damage around your home and business.  Correctly diagnosing and fixing the issue takes the right people and the right equipment and the DYFA team can make short work of the biggest tree invasion.

Traditionally a blocked drain like this would have had to be ripped out and re-laid, which if under a concrete slab is a huge expense and inconvenience.  But with the right gear such as a Rocam Drain Camera, and a Jetter Drain Blaster, under the highly skilled hands of our Maintenance Plumbers, the DYFA Team can clear a completely blocked drain and get it back working in just a few hours.

The drain camera is first used to detect the type and location of the blockage, so our team can work on the best way to clear it.  We then employ the Jetter Drain Blaster to get to work and clear the debris.

A simple fix to a common problem, saving a great deal of inconvenience and expense.

Got drainage problems at your place?   Let us diagnose and fix the issue quickly for you with minimum cost. 

Call the Maintenance team at DYFA Plumbing on 07 5475 4152 now.