A home should be a place of comfort and not a place where pipes leak and water puddles exist. When this happens, you need the services of a professional plumber. Plumbers ensure that the drainage system is installed and is working properly in both residential and commercial areas. No one wants the inconvenience of not having enough drinking water and bathing water. You do not have to worry about maintaining and repairing your household water systems as plumbers are experts in these. If you are having problems related to plumbing in your home or business area, this article will show you the cost to hire a plumber in Australia. Hourly rates of professional plumbers start from $80 to $135 depending on the plumber’s experience and expertise.

Why is plumbing important?

If oxygen is to the body, plumbing is to the home or commercial area. Plumbing services are responsible for water coming in and out of the house properly. The scope of plumbing does not only include water-related services, it also includes installation and maintenance of water boilers, heating systems, washing machines, furnaces, and others. A leak in the pipe can induce mold and fungus growth because of the excess moisture. A clogged sink or toilet can inconvenience everyone at home. Thus, you need to have your house’s plumbing checked every few months to make sure it works.

How much does it cost to hire a plumber?

The hourly rate of a plumber is between $80 to $135. There are different factors that affect the cost of a plumber—your location, scope of work, and their level of experience. Here is the average rate in various cities in Australia.

City Price($) per hour
Melbourne 80 to 87
Adelaide 81 to 89
Brisbane 88 to 92
Perth 95 to 100
Sydney 99 to 135


Factors that Affect the Cost of Plumbing Jobs

You have to consider the following when determining the cost of your plumber. Make sure that there is clarity with a licensed plumber before commencing on the job.

Scope of work. Plumbing jobs that involve structural amendments or excavation will cost more than a simple fixing a shower head leak. The price will also depend on the quality of plumbing accessories to be installed.

Kind of plumber. A self-employed plumber may charge less than a plumbing company. You have to know the difference as to when to hire a large contractor or hire an independent plumber. Confirm their hourly rates so you can budget your finances. DYFA Plumbing offers plumbing services.

Equipment. It costs more to do bathroom plumbing than a sink installation. Plumbers need cable cutters, pipe stands, and visual inspection devices for drainage cleaning services. You also need to include plumbing components and fixtures if the need arises in your finances.

Emergency services. Plumbing services after work hours would be more costly compared to plumbing services during work hours.

What are the rates for different plumbing services?

Type of Plumbing Service Rate ($)
Fix a leaking toilet or a dripping tap 60 to 140
Replace and fit new shower head, basin taps, or bath 80 to 250
Install a bath, sink, basin, or toilet 160 to 550
Replace hot water service 1 200 to 4 500
Replace entire drainage system 5 000 to 20 000
Install a solar hot water system 3 500 to12 000
Replumbing an entire house 6 000 to 12 000

Can I do DIY plumbing?

It is tempting to save money when performing simple plumbing jobs around your house. There are some situations that will be okay for you to do DIY plumbing. However, there is a $32,000 plus fine for unlicensed individuals who do plumbing according to the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 (July 1, 2019).

Plumbing is a significant work needed to be done in homes or in commercial buildings.

Plumbing is a professional trade that should be left done to professionals who know how to do things properly. If you need assistance in any plumbing jobs at your home, you may ask for a free assessment from DYFA Plumbing. We service areas in the Sunshine Coast and other neighbouring areas. Call us today!

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