So a pipe’s burst, and water is leaking on your property.  You need to turn the water off to your premises.  Do you know how to do this?   Our quick guide will give you tips on how to get this done at your place before the plumber arrives. The first thing is knowing if you’re on Town Water or Tank Water.  Most homes in metropolitan and major regional centres will be on town water supply, so you’ll need to find the mains connection tap to shut off the water supply.  Usually this will be found on your footpath, located inside a plastic or metal box in the ground.   Here are some examples of what to look for.

water meter in ground e1538091881201 - Turning Off your Water Supply
water meter 2 - Turning Off your Water Supply

You’ll need to locate the valve and turn it clockwise (to the right) to turn off the water supply.  Examples of what this looks like is below.  You may need some pliers to help turn it if it’s wedged.   Once it can’t turn any further, check the taps in your house to ensure the water supply is off.  It’s a good idea to maintain your water meter box and keep it free of debris, so you’re not digging through dirt and leaves to find the shut off valve in an emergency. 

water meter shut off - Turning Off your Water Supply
VALVE SHUTOFF - Turning Off your Water Supply

TANK WATER CONNECTIONS If you’re on tank water, you’ll need to turn off the water supply at the tank itself.  If you have more than one tank, you’ll need to turn them all off.  Be sure to also turn off any pumps connected so they don’t run dry.  Once the water is restored you may need to prime the pump if it’s not self priming.  Your DYFA Plumber can help get your water supply reconnected. Water tanks usually have a couple of different type of tap fittings.  The most common are lever style or gate valves which are pictured below. These will be located at the bottom of your water tanks.  Turn these clockwise until they won’t turn any further.  Check the water taps in your house to ensure the water is off – there will be some residual water in the pipes, so it may take a minute to stop running.

water tank tap 1 - Turning Off your Water Supply
water tap gate valve e1538091697111 - Turning Off your Water Supply

Once the water is off, you’re now right to do the tap repair, or wait for your DYFA Plumber to arrive to repair it for you.   Whether it’s a broken tap, split washer, your tap needs reseating or any other maintenance issue, your DYFA Plumber will be able to complete the repair and reconnect your water when it’s done.  It’s all part of the service!