Summer is just around the corner, which means storm season will be upon us.  Now is the time to start getting your property prepared for heavy downpours, so you can hopefully prevent or limit any damage.

While it’s dry, it’s a good time to get up on the roof to inspect the roof and gutters for needed repairs.   Of course we never recommend climbing on to your roof unless you’re experienced and capable.  If in any doubt, you can call on DYFA Plumbing for a Storm Season Roof Inspection and we can take the risk for you.

It’s important to look for any signs of damage, any misaligned or leaky tiles, or in the case of a tin or colourbond roof, any missing or loose screws, holes, bent or misaligned roof panels or barge capping.  Check the roof screws and the washers – these provide a waterproof seal between the screw and the roofing materials.  If the neoprene washer under the roof screws has become degraded or perished, then you might need to replace these, or water could find its way into your ceiling – particularly in heavy downpours.   Below are two examples of roof screws and different washer designs.



metal screw - Getting Ready for Summer
screw dome seal - Getting Ready for Summer

In your inspection pay close attention to the seals around any roof fixtures such as skylights or ventilation, and ensure the weather seals are still in tact and the screws are in good condition.   You may need to reseal around these with some weather proof roofing silicon.  Any damaged or rusted fittings should be replaced.

whirly bird - Getting Ready for Summer
skylight - Getting Ready for Summer


Inspection of your gutters is really important to prevent water damage in and around your home.  Gutters should be in good conditioned, well fastened to the roof, and clear of debris and leaf litter.  Any damaged components should be replaced so the water will flow away from your dwelling.   If you live in a well treed area and have a lot of leaf litter, it’s a good idea to clear your roof and gutters every couple of months.  Leaf litter if left to break down can damage your roof panels and gutters, shortening their life.  A good maintenance routine keeps them looking good and operating efficiently for longer.  If you have gutter guard installed, it’s important to lift and check underneath as gutter guard won’t prevent a build up of dirt and debris – you can still get blocked gutters!

gutters 2 - Getting Ready for Summer
gutter mesh - Getting Ready for Summer

Once the roof is in good shape and the gutters are clear, inspect your downpipes for disrepair.  Any loose pipes, missing brackets should be repaired.  Ensure the drainage area is clear as there’s no point having clear gutters if the drainage point backs up. 

If your drainage is not clear, but you can’t see the blockage, you may find you have broken pipes or tree roots have blocked the drainage system.  DYFA has a special drainage camera which can easily find the drains and blockages, so we can have them cleared or replace pipework as needed.  This could save you hours of self-exploratory digging and drama. 

Ensuring your property is “summer ready” is a good first step in protecting your property.  If we can help in any way, please reach out to the DYFA Plumbing maintenance experts – we can do all this for you, along with any repairs.  Call our team any time for a no obligation quote on 07 5475 4152