DIY done wrong turn out to be more than a homeowner bargains for, making plumbing professionals a great option for even the smallest of home improvement projects.

Got a plumbing problem and need to find a fast and affordable solution?

You may be tempted to whip out the tools and DIY the problem, but that could be asking for trouble. Whether you’re dealing with a leaky tap or a kitchen rapidly filling with water, here’s everything you need to know about choosing the best plumbing solution.

Let’s start with the DIY option…

As exciting as the cost-saving benefits can seem at first, even the most ambitious of homeowners will find their DIY efforts thwarted by the tight government restrictions around do-it-yourself plumbing efforts.

In fact, very few tasks are allowed in the first place. This is because the law wants licensed and insured professionals to be the ones making any changes to the intricate water and sewer systems servicing your house.

So what does that leave for you to tinker with on your own? Here’s a short list:

  • Swapping out a shower head
  • Cleaning grates and drain traps
  • Clearing minor drain clogs
  • Adjusting existing irrigation systems
  • Changing tap washers

Yes, that’s pretty much it. For most other tasks, from installing new fixtures to pipe repairs and everything in between, you’ll need to call out a plumber for the task.

The perks of using a professional Sunshine Coast plumber

The DIY list above is rather scant, but chances are one or more of them might pop up as a viable project in your home. But there are actually benefits to calling out a professional, these include:


Your time might not be money, but it is precious. It can also be frustrating to struggle with a project for hours on end when, in reality, a licensed plumber could be in and out in less than an hour and get the job done right the first time. Hiring out a professional is simply a timesaver no matter how you look at it.


Speaking of struggling, have you ever tried to change out a shower head? If not, you could be in for a surprise by how many tools and materials you need to have on hand. You have to make sure to remove, clean, seal, and install everything properly and in order. One misstep will have you undoing and repeating processes. And all of this sounds like frustration that could be taken care of instead by a pro.


Swapping out a leaky or old shower head or unclogging your own drains can seem straightforward. The task itself has its own steps and the most patient of homeowners might be able to see them through. But what is causing the problem in the first place? You may be able to DIY fix the obvious issues (i.e. clogged toilet drain) but a trained professional could uncover a larger problem (i.e. degraded pipes that need replacing). Doing it yourself, you won’t catch the root cause of the issue and could run into bigger problems that require an emergency plumber – and fast – down the line.

Choosing between DIY plumbing and hiring a professional

Still, it might be tempting to go it alone to start with, and as long as you stick to the list of permissible DIY plumbing projects, that’s totally fine.

But other than taking pride in your homeownership or sense of adventure, what makes for good decision making in these instances? Let’s weigh out the pros and cons of both using the shower head as an example.


Once you have the replacement shower head on hand, you might be able to get your project started faster than a plumber can get to your home. The project time itself will vary depending on how well-versed you are in the steps that need to be taken to do the replacement work, assuming everything goes right. So while you might get started faster, a plumber might be able to finish the task quicker once they arrive.


It can certainly be cheaper to do the work yourself since you aren’t (likely) paying yourself for the labour and time it takes to the job. But while your time isn’t money, it is worth something to you. Consider that a specialist will charge on average between $70-$100 per hour. If the job only takes an hour (or less) you’re looking at a rather affordable expense and freeing yourself of a lot of personal effort. Of course, be sure to ask for an estimate before anyone comes out to your house and confirm whether there are any additional call out fees or taxes to consider.


You’re going to be (probably) following a step-by-step set of instructions (hopefully) to the letter to get your new shower head in place. That means you aren’t looking for other issues and might not notice them without a trained eye anyway. When you have a licensed plumber take care of the job, they will not only be more efficient and effective, but they can spot any underlying problems along the way and point them out before they become major issues.


Let’s face it. A regular homeowner simply isn’t going to have the skills, or the proper tools, to get a job done efficiently. You can probably do it (we believe in you!) but it will take a lot longer and be a lot more frustrating for you than it would be for a professional. Think of how many shower heads you have swapped out in your life (maybe 0-1) and then how many a licensed plumber has (probably 100’s). They’re going to be able to tackle the project with skill, efficiency, and effectiveness that can make sure the job is done 100% right the first time.

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How to choose a Sunshine Coast Plumber

We didn’t mean to talk you out of your DIY dreams. But if you’ve decided that choosing a plumber over the home improvement route is the better move for you, now you’re left with one task: choosing the right residential plumber for the project. And with so many plumbers masquerading around Sunshine Coast, how can you choose the one that’s right for you?

Start by looking at their level of experience. Even for the most basic of projects (we’re looking at you, shower head), it can help to choose an experienced plumber. Not only will they know exactly what they are doing for the project, but they’ll likely be more reliable than the fly by night companies that pop up with little experience touting low, low prices. Go for the guys and gals that have been around and know their stuff.

Once you have a plumber in mind that has at least 5 years of experience, do some research on their customer reviews and ratings. You can check their website for testimonials, but also look at sites like Google and Facebook to see what people say about their experiences. These social proofs can go a long way to giving you more confidence in who you are hiring.
From there, you can call on the plumber and ask about free estimates for your project. While you have them on the phone, ask a few of these questions as well:

  • “How long does a project like mine usually take?”
  • “Do you charge call out fees on top of your hourly rate?”
  • “Do I already need to have the parts on site for you to do the work?”
  • “Are all of your plumbers licensed and insured?”
  • “Do you offer 24/7 call out service in case there’s a problem later?”
  • “How long have you served homeowners in Sunshine Coast?”

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Don’t DIY: Call DYFA Plumbing instead

DIY plumbing (where permitted) can be a tempting way to add value and comfort to your home, but some homeowners might find they bit off more than they could chew. Instead of getting in over your (shower) head, turn to the pros to take care of your plumbing tasks.

Even with something as minor as a clogged drain or a shower head replacement, you can get fast, professional service and get a sense of whether this plumber is one that you can keep on file in case you run into bigger problems or projects in the future.

And at DYFA Plumbing, we offer support for the most basic to the most complicated plumbing projects in your home. No issue is too big or too small for our team of licensed, insured professionals to help with. We take pride in our work and make sure to address all plumbing problems quickly with zero hassle so you can get back to your busy life.

Our team of over 90 pros has been serving homeowners across Queensland for over 14 years. And our focus is always on making sure our clients get exactly what they need to live comfortably in their homes. For more information about how we can help you with your project, call us on 07 5475 4152 today!