Need to replace your home’s plumbing but worried about the disruption? Here’s how long it takes to repipe the average Sunshine Coast home (and how you can save time and money throughout the process).

What happens if you need to replace *all* the pipes in your home?

That question can be tough for Sunshine Coast homeowners to answer who quickly have nightmares about drawn-out construction phases, expensive contractors, and huge disruptions to their life.

Thankfully, replacing the pipes in your home doesn’t have to be time-consuming OR needlessly expensive.

In this guide, we’ll outline an expected timeline to replumb your home, show you the warning signs of at-risk pipes, and leave you with the easiest way to plan for this major home improvement project.

What is repiping?

Replacing your home’s piping, also known as repiping, is the process of replacing old, worn-out, or damaged pipes and installing new pipes to ensure your water comes in and goes out without hassle.

The process is necessary because the plumbing in your Sunshine Coast home won’t last forever. Even when you’re careful about what goes down the drain, or schedule regular plumbing maintenance services, pipes have a lifespan that runs out.

With that said, it’s crucial you know how to spot the signs of a pipe that’s nearing the end.

Here’s how you spot pipe problems like a pro.

How to tell if you need to replace the plumbing in your home…

Not a trained plumber?

Not a problem!

Replacing pipes is often unavoidable, but it’s better to make the decision yourself (instead of waking up to serious structural damage and water up to your ankles because a pipe burst). Here are the most common warning signs to watch out for that suggest you’ll need to find a local repiping expert.

  • Your home is over 50 years old: If your pipes haven’t been replaced for decades, you may be using galvanised steel pipes. These types of pipes can become corroded over time which causes sediment blockage and damage.
  • Your water is a strange colour: Water should be clean and clear, so if your taps are bringing brown, dirty, or discoloured water into the home then it’s important you get in touch with a plumber ASAP.
  • Your water smells or tastes funny: Not all pipe problems cause water discolouration. If the odour or taste of water seems “off”, you may need your pipes replaced.
  • Your water pressure is weak: Noticing a weaker flow in the sink or shower? While there are many potential culprits behind hot water plumbing issues, a damaged pipe is a very common cause.

Finally, if you’re constantly finding yourself paying for repairs to small leaks, you may have pipes that have gone past their used by date. It’s normal for the odd leak here and there, but frequent problems are a sign it’s time to call in the experts.

Signs it’s time to replace your plumbing

Leaking Pipes Pipe Corrosion
Low Water Pressure Rust
Unexplained Noises Discoloured Water
Unpleasant Odour Extreme Temperature Changes

Why can’t I just replace part of my plumbing?

At first glance, replacing your *entire* Sunshine Coast home’s plumbing seems to be a major investment in time and money.

After all, if there’s damage to the piping leading to your shower or laundry, wouldn’t it be easier to just swap out the worn-out pipe and call it a day?

Unfortunately, when copper and galvanised pipes leak and start to fail, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of your home’s piping suffers the same fate. Imagine building a wooden deck that gets rained on regularly. Once the steps start to rot, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the deck rots too.

As a final aside, finding a specific section (or sections) of damage can end up being MORE expensive than a total pipe replacement if you’re constantly calling out local plumbers who cut multiple holes in the roof and walls of your home.

How long will it take to replace my plumbing?

When it comes to this type of questions, the most common answer is “it depends”.

Naturally, that’s not ideal. As a Sunshine Coast homeowner, you want to enjoy time at home, not have to worry a project will spiral from days to weeks or even months.

Thankfully, most pipe replacement jobs take anywhere from 3 to 5 days (and a couple of weeks at the very most. Depending on the size of your home, pipe replacement can be done in as little as two days. For larger Sunshine Coast residences – especially if there are multiple bathrooms and more complex infrastructure – this can take several weeks.

Generally speaking, replacing pipes can be broken down into three parts:

  • Preparation
  • Repiping
  • Repair

Let’s take a closer look at each stage and unpack what timeline you’ll be looking at.

Stage 01: Preparation

The first step on a pipe replacement job is to find a local Sunshine Coast plumber with excellent testimonials and reviews (you can check out ours here).

Once you’ve found a suitable provider, preparation work will need to be carried out. This typically includes cutting holes in your drywall to check the health of your piping and come up with the least disruptive plan of attack.

Unsure how to find the best local plumber? Here’s what makes a GREAT plumber [Checklist Included]

Stage 02: Repiping

Here’s where the bulk of the work is done, and the bulk of the time taken. Your plumber will remove areas of drywall (not just cut holes) for ease of access. With your furniture safely moved out of the way and any fixtures removed, it’s time to remove the old piping system and repipe your home. The water will need to be shut off during this period, so your plumber will work with you to find the most appropriate time to work on the job.

DYFA Tip: 3 to 5 days can seem long a loooong time without water. Thankfully, your plumber will only shut off the water for a few hours each day. You’ll still be able to use your older pipes while the new plumbing is installed, so there’s no need to go without showers for a week!

Stage 03: Repair

The final stage of repiping a Sunshine Coast home is to test the new plumbing and ensure everything works without leaks or problems. Then, it’s time to repair the holes in your drywall and paint over the construction so the only reminder of your project will be the clean water you enjoy every day!

This is a good chance to test your plumber’s commitment to customer satisfaction, as any plumber worth their salt will clean up afterward and treat your home as if it was their own.

How much does it cost to replace my plumbing

The cost of replacing pipes will come down to the complexity of the job, the size of your home, and the skill of your tradesperson.

Naturally, a small home in Maroochydore will be easier (and cheaper) to repipe than a multi-story, multi-bathroom home in Brisbane’s suburbs. As an average, you should expect to pay between $6,000 and $12,000 to replumb an entire home.

As these are approximate prices (and may not include call-out fees), it’s best to get a custom quote for the most accurate number. Oh, and we can arrange a custom quote for you at the click of a button.

Looking for fast and reliable help?

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