Get more than good. Get the best plumber you can find with our helpful checklist of what to look for (and what to avoid).

Plumbers work with piping systems that allow for the proper flow of water, gas, sewage, and drainage to and from buildings. With so many responsibilities and reasons for callouts, finding a good plumber on the Sunshine Coast is super important. You want to make sure you have the right professional for the job, no matter what that job happens to be.

But with so many plumbers listed on Google and in your neighbourhood, how do you sort out the best from the less? Thankfully, there are actually a few tell-tale signs that you can look for as well as common questions to ask before you hire a plumber.

Even if you don’t need a plumber today, odds are that you will eventually. And it’s much more helpful to have a plumber you can trust saved to your contacts for when you need one most.

Let’s take a closer at how you can choose the right plumber for you with these helpful tips.

5 things to look for in any Sunshine Coast plumber you choose

If you’re facing an urgent plumbing problem – worse – a plumbing emergency, you might not want to take any time to do your research. But making sure you have a good plumber can help you avoid a problem from going from bad to worse. Here are five key things to look for as you evaluate Sunshine Coast plumbers.

#1: Credentials

Start with licensure, since no plumber in the whole of Australia is permitted to practice their trade without proper licensing. They should be able to provide a license number that you can look up and verify in a registry.

Beyond a license, plumbers should also carry full insurance coverage. This helps protect them as well as you and your property in the event that something goes wrong. You can also take a look at their memberships and affiliations with industry associations to see where or how they go the extra mile for their trade.

#2: Specialisation

Plumbers are required to be able to perform a number of general trade techniques and jobs. However, some may specialise in some more involved tasks than others. For example, some plumbers are also licensed gas fitters and concentrate on gas line installation, appliances, and emergency call outs. Others may only focus on aspects like drain clearing or pipe repair. Or, you may find plumbers who specialise in commercial plumbing settings.

#3: Experience

How long a plumber or company has been in business can go a long way to indicating how good of a plumber they really are. This is a trade where experience is important since so many jobs are unique including repairs and installs. Choosing a plumber with many years of experience will help ensure that you have a reliable one as well. Which brings us to the next point…

#4: Reputation

What other people have experienced with a particular plumber can also indicate how good they are at what they do. What’s more, it can give you a better idea regarding what kind of customer experience you might expect to have. Ask a prospective plumber for customer references or check their online reviews on Facebook, Google, and more to see what people think of their work.

#5: Warranties

You want to choose a plumber who not just performs quality work but also stands by it. Many systems such as hot water heaters will come with a manufacturer warranty on parts. But the installation and labour are not covered by this. You’ll need to go with a good plumber who also offers a guarantee or workmanship warranty.

Typical services top plumbers will offer

These qualities are important not just because you want quality work for your home or business. They can apply to a wide variety of projects.

Very few plumbing related tasks are permitted by Australian law to be performed by non-licensed individuals. Aside from swapping out a valve or changing your showerhead, you’ll need a plumber to install, repair, replace, or maintain nearly everything plumbing related. Here’s an idea of the types of services you’ll want to turn to a leading plumber for assistance with.

  • Appliance work
  • Hot water heater
  • HVAC work
  • Service lines
  • Broken pipes
  • Leaking pipes
  • Gas line maintenance
  • Leak detection
  • Pressure testing
  • Sump pumps
  • Roof plumbing and drainage
  • Toilet install and repair
  • Sewer clearing and repair
  • Backflow correction
  • Stormwater systems
  • Fixture installs
  • Roof ventilation
  • Drain clearing
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial plumbing
  • Rainwater tanks
  • Generators
  • Roof inspections
  • Pipe fitting
  • New construction
  • Emergency services

How to find a good plumber near you on the Sunshine Coast

These days, nearly all searches for trades (or purchases of any kind for that matter) start online. You can narrow your search by looking for “plumbers near me” or doing a Google Map search for your area. This will give you a list of results to start with.

From there, you can look at the Google Business reviews to see what other customers have had to say about their experience with a given plumbing business. You can also further search a company to see reviews on other platforms.  Associations like Master Plumbers may list their members and provide recommendations for professionals in your area.

There is also nothing like a solid recommendation from family, friends, or a neighbour. Don’t be shy about asking around for feedback on who people have used for their own plumbing projects (emergencies or otherwise) and what they thought of their provider. Their input could help you find a good plumber near you or help you dodge a less than stellar service.

Taking the time to find a truly good plumber

While plumbers abound throughout Queensland, you’ll want to avoid those who lack the experience, credibility, and customer service level that fall short. By doing your research, you can find a top-quality plumber who can perform the work you need in the time and on the budget you have.

At DYFA, we don’t just staff good plumbers. We hire the best on offer on the Sunshine Coast and the surrounds. That’s why over 2,500 customers have turned to us for general, commercial, and emergency plumbing services of all shapes and sizes.

All DYFA Plumbing professionals are licensed and insured to handle all your plumbing needs whether you’re planning ahead or facing an urgent issue. Booking is available 24/7 and you can request a free quote any time.

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